About Boat Shield

Ahoy, mate! Boat Shield are experts on Boat and Personal Watercraft Insurance. We are here to help guide and educate you throughout this process. We’ve teamed up with Prosper Insurance to compare quotes with top-rated insurance partners to find you the right insurance that best fits you and your boat. 4 minutes of your time today can give you more time on the water doing what you love.  

Why Boat Shield? 

Ready to hit the open waters, but not sure which insurance is the best for you and your boat? We’ve teamed up with Prosper Insurance to quote you the best insurance for your boat or personal watercraft.  

Here’s what we do: 

  1. Gather information about your boat. 
  2. Compare quotes with top national brands that fit YOUR needs, not the provider. 
  3. Our boat experts are not only experts on the water, but they are experts in the insurance industry to provide you with all the knowledge to feel confident! 
  4. We understand just how much you love your boat, that’s why we want you to love your boat insurance even more! That’s why we have live agents, available whenever you need us. Consider us your guardians on and off the water!