Boat on the water

Shopping for a Boat Insurance Quote?

When shopping for a boat insurance quote, you want to make sure that you have two items handy to help you get an accurate quote:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Boat registration

You also want to make sure any company you use is financially “A” rated and will provide the exact type of coverage you are looking for. Which is where our boat experts at Boat Shield are here to help!

Boat Shield makes shopping for boat insurance easy. Boat Shield is powered by Prosper Insurance with the technology to compare quotes for boat insurance in as little as 4 minutes with top-rated insurance companies. The greatest part? This is a free quote that you will receive within minutes!

Call our boat experts at (800) 576-3573 or start your quote right now!

Always consult with your local DMV to see if boat insurance is required. But honestly with how affordable it is, and how much boats cost, we wouldn’t recommend being caught in rough waters without your safety vest of boat insurance.