Boat Insurance 101

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat Insurance is very similar to auto insurance just a bit more nautical. In Virginia, all boats must be registered but they are not required to have boat insurance. That being said with the average claims being $11,000 and the average price of $20k boat being $400 its pretty sound idea to carry boat insurance. 

What does Boat Insurance cover?

Boat insurance will cover your vessel for liability (damage caused to other) property damage (damages to others property) as well comprehensive & collision coverage (damage caused to your boat, just like your auto insurance), as well towing, and if you are into fishing, it will also cover your fishing equipment.

There are options on how you will get paid out in the event of claim. Agreed Value (recommended) will pay out the value of your boat that you and your insurance agent agreed to. There is also actual cash value, which depreciates the value of your boat overtime.

How do I get Boat Insurance?

You can get insurance for your boat or personal watercraft from most of the major insurance companies, Progressive, Nationwide, All State, Travelers, and the good news is, here at Boat Shield we shop all those companies for you.

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